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How to create an Eventbrite Seat Map

Updated: Apr 07, 2014

  • You can use an existing Seat Map or create a one using the Eventbrite Seat Designer with the quick start option—or start from scratch. In all cases, start by turning reserved seating on in Step 2: Create tickets when editing your event.

Toggle to turn on Reserved Seating in Step 2: Create Tickets

Option 1: Pick an Existing Template


If you’ve input location information and there are existing Seat Maps for the venue, we’ll show you those options and you can start from one that works. You’ll be able to change this Seat Map, set your own focal point, and create custom ticket types.

Other Seat Maps for this venue will appear when you set the location of an event. If you created the Seat Map, you'll see a label of Owner.

Don’t see any templates? No problem; click New Seat Map. You can choose a layout type for Quick Start or Start with a blank canvas.

Option 2: Quick Start


Tell us a bit about your venue and event, and we’ll get you started in no time.

Start by choosing a layout type that’s right for your event, then just tell us a few details:


- Tables & Chairs (like galas and receptions): Enter the number of tables and chairs per table for your event.

- Sections & Rows (like stage performances): Enter the number of sections, rows per section, and seats per row for your venue layout.

- Mixed Seating (for seated sections and tabled areas): Let us know how many tables and chairs per table are needed. You’ll also designate the number of sections, rows per section, and seats per row using this option.


Note: The quick start option also allows you to easily add any objects—stage, food area, exit, bathroom, drink area, and/or dance floor—to your Seat Map.

Option 3: Start with a blank canvas


If you start from scratch, you’ll see a blank canvas—make it your own!


Note: You can always save your progress using the Save button at the top right of your screen. Click “X” to exit Seat Designer and return to your event’s Edit page.


Tip: Before you get started, find a PDF of the venue’s seat map (ask the venue manager for the most up to date info). Also check if there are any obstructions you should know about, or do a location tour to make note of things like exits and bathroom locations.

Pro Tip: If you’re setting up your own space, do a test run of a row or two to get an idea of how many chairs will fit comfortably. Consider where you might place things like a bar or dance floor.

Add items to your seat map:

Sections: You can add seated or standing sections.

Sections can be sitting (a chair icon) or standing (the footprints icon).

Objects: Add and change all kinds of objects, like a stage, food, drink, bathroom, exit, or dance floor. Or create your own items with circles, squares, and lines.

Tip: It doesn’t matter if your stage is at the top or the bottom of your canvas. Use what makes the most sense to you.

Tables: You can add round or square tables (these will be included in your selling order).

Text: Label anything on your map with small, medium, or large text.

Sections can be sitting (a chair icon) or standing (the footprints icon).

​Once your Seat Map is complete, you’re ready to set a Selling Order, create Tickets, and then we’ll give it a Final Review.

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