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The checkout process

Updated: Oct 23, 2013

  • See what it's like for attendees to order tickets for an event
  • Check out the emails that attendees receive
  • View sample PDF ticket

After you've sent out email invitations and/or promoted your event, attendees will come to your event page to view the details of your event and to purchase tickets or register for the event.



After the attendee enters any promotional code that you may have provided, selects the number and type(s) of tickets they want and clicks Order Now, they are taken to the Registration page. On the Registration page, they enter their billing information (for paid events), as well as answer any custom questions that you have created and included.

If you're using credit card processing for your event, the attendee can click Pay Now after reviewing the information they've entered to complete the purchase.


Note: If you've chosen to use PayPal to process payments for your event, click here to see what the registration process is like for your attendees.


Success! Once the order has gone through, the attendee is taken to the order confirmation page. (Learn how you can customize what appears on the order confirmation page here.)

Here's an example of the default order confirmation page:



The attendee will also receive an order confirmation email, with a PDF file attached that has their ticket(s), from Eventbrite after they successfully place their order. (Learn how to customize what appears on the PDF ticket(s)--or how to disable them if you don't need your attendees to print out tickets--by going here.)

Here's an example of the default order confirmation email:


And here's an example of the default PDF ticket:



Note:  You, the organizer of the event, will also receive a copy of your attendees' order confimations in the email that you log in to your Eventbrite account with, alerting you that orders are being made for your event. 


Attendees who are registering for the first time through Eventbrite will receive a second email welcoming them to Eventbrite.




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