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Event Dashboard page

Updated: Feb 21, 2013

  • See number of tickets sold, tickets remaining
  • Recent orders and attendees

Tip: The Event Dashboard is an easy way to monitor your event sales, ticket types, recent attendees, waitlist count, recent orders and event payout information--all on one page.


To get to the Event Dashboard, from the My Events page, click on the title of your event to go to the Manage page for that event. The Event Dashboard is the default view.

On the Event Dashboard you can:

- Monitor the monetary Sales totals, online/offline Tickets Sold, number of Visits, waitlist counts and Invitations to track email invitation conversion for your event.

- View the recent orders and recently registered attendees for your event.

- View information about the ticket types for your event, including the number sold, price/fee and the end sales date of each. Click Select Payment Options/Payment Options to edit the methods of payment available to your attendees, as well as change your payout information for this event.

- View and edit the Page URL and the personalized organizer URL.

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