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List attendees on event page

Updated: Aug 20, 2013

  • People can see who is already attending
  • Include answers to custom questions in attendee list
  • Good for conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.

Tip: This option is not currently available for repeating events.


To get started, first create signup or login to Eventbrite and createanevent.

If you’d like to edit an already-created event, click My Events at the top of the screen and then click on Edit to the right of your event’s name.


Next, click Design in the upper left. Select Display Attendees and make sure to Save your changes.


Once the Display attendees option is selected, a Display Attendee Information window will open. Here you can select all the information about each attendee that you’d like to display on your event page.


Note: You can only display information you’ve chosen to collect from your attendees at registration. Click here to learn more about how to choose which information to collect from your attendees.


Click Save in the upper right to save your changes. A real-time list of confirmed attendees will now appear on your event page, below your event details!

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