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How to show/hide attendees on an event listing

Updated: Apr 20, 2015

  • By default, attendees who've connected their Eventbrite account with Facebook will automatically see which of their Facebook friends are attending your event (in the "Who's Going?" section of an event listing). If you want to take it a step further, you can even display any of the attendee information you collected (including names, job titles, and companies) right on your event listing. To turn these features on or off, head to the Design page for your event and check the box next to "Display Attendees." Then select all the information about each attendee that you’d like to appear on your listing.

Tip: Check out the Eventbrite Privacy Policy and Security & Safety Guide for more information.


Note: The organizer of an event chooses whether or not to show the attendee list on an event listing. If you're attending an event and want to have your information removed from a listing, you can edit your ticket information to reflect your initials instead of your full name (if the event allows you to update your order information).

If you're unable to edit your ticket information, you can also disconnect your Eventbrite account from Facebook, or contact the event organizer directly to remove your information from the listing.


Go to your Edit page.

After you log in and create an event, find your event on the My Events page, then select Edit.

My Events is the third option in the account menu, and the Edit link is located under your event's name.


Go to your Design page.

From your event's Edit page, choose Design in the bar up top.

The Design link is located in the gray bar up top.


Note: If you have a repeating event, attendees from all your individual events will be displayed on the parent event page.


Select "Display Attendees."

By default, attendees will only see which of their Facebook friends are attending your event (if they connect their Eventbrite account with Facebook). Check the box next to Display Attendees to show more attendee information right on your event page.

The Display Attendees checkbox is located under the Choose a theme section.

Pro Tip: Please be careful about what attendee information you choose to display on your event page to respect the privacy of your customers. A great example of how to use this well is showing attendee names and companies for a conference so people can see what kind of other people will be there to get excited (but not showing demographic information like age or gender).


Select the attendee information you want to display on your event page.

Check the boxes next to each piece of attendee information you want to show on your event page. Then make sure to hit the Save button.

The Display Attendee Information window will appear, and you'll see several options to choose from.

Tip: We'll only show your attendees' first name and last initial when you choose to display names on your event page.

Pro Tip: You can change what attendee information is displayed on your event page at any time. Just select the Edit link next to Display Attendees.


Note: Any fields marked with a red asterisk aren't currently being collected on your event's registration form. If you want to display any of that attendee information on your event listing, make sure you collect that information before you sell any tickets!


Optional: Don't allow attendees to see which of their Facebook friends are attending.

Attendees are more likely to attend an event their friends are going too, so to help boost your ticket sales, we automatically let attendees see which of their Facebook friends are attending your event.

If you want to hide the Who's Going? section from your event page, simply un-check the box next to Allow visitors to see which of their Facebook friends are going.

The checkbox to allow visitors to see which of their Facebook friends are going is located under the Choose a theme section.

Tip: Attendees can control their own Social Settings right from their Account page, and have the options to connect their Eventbrite account to Facebook and show their Facebook friends what events they're attending.


Note: If you know you're going to sell a lot of tickets, we recommend only using one of these features to display attendee information. Large attendee lists could look cluttered or repetitive on an event listing.


Save your changes.

Choose Save to save your changes. You can see a preview of your event listing with the attendee list on the Design page, or by selecting View.

The Save button is located at the top of the page.

Tip: Eventbrite provides lots of free tools for you to create an enticing design for your event listing. You can add images, video, and even a custom header or footer.

Pro Tip: A strong social media strategy is a crucial part of event promotion. Check out our Event Academy to learn some tips and tricks on how to grab your attendees' attention.


Note: Your attendee list won't be displayed on your event listing after the event ends, but you can still email your attendees through Eventbrite to stay connected.

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