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How to edit, export, copy, or delete a contact list

Updated: Jul 31, 2014

  • After you create and import a contact list, it's important to keep your contact list updated. You can export, copy, delete, or edit your contact lists from the My Contacts section of your account.

Go to My Contacts.

After logging in, access the Account Menu and select My Contacts.

My Contacts is the third option in the menu from the top of the page that says your name.


Get familiar with the layout of the My Contacts page.

You'll see:

- All your contact lists

- The number of contacts in each list

- The date each was created

- The last time that you sent an email invitation from the My Contacts page to each list

All your contact lists will be listed under the column labeled Name.

You'll also see four icons, each with specific actions you can perform:

- Edit contact list

- Copy contact list

- Delete contact list

- Send invitations to this contact list

Tip: To search for a specific contact across all your contact lists, use the box next to Search across all contacts.


View your contact list.

Select a contact list to see all the email addresses it includes.


Add to or rename your contact list.

Select Add More to add contacts to your list. You can also rename your contact list by choosing rename next to the name of your contact list.


Export your contact list.

Choose the contacts you'd like to export to a .csv file and select Export Selected. Once exported, you can import these contacts from the .csv file into an outside email client, like Outlook.


Copy individual contacts from your contact list.

Choose the contacts you'd like to copy to a new or already-existing contact list and select Copy Selected to Another List. You can then pick which contact list you want to copy to or create a new contact list with your selected contacts.


Delete contacts from your contact list.

Select the contacts you'd like to delete and choose Delete Selected. You'll see a success message appear to confirm that you've successfully deleted the contacts from your list.


Note: Please be sure to delete all email addresses that have a status of Bounced, Unsubscribed, Complaint, or Undelivered/Bounced from all your contact lists before sending out any more invitations.


Send an email invitation to specific contacts within a contact list.

Choose the specific contacts you'd like to send an email invitation to and select Send Invitations to Selected.


Note: You can only send out 2,000 emails per day, so make sure to keep your contact lists below this limit.


Send an invitation to one or more contact lists.

From the My Contacts page, choose one or more contact lists and select Send Invitations to Selected. Pick which event you would like to send invitations for, then select Create Invite.

You will be taken to the Create email invitations page for the event you selected and your contact list will be auto-loaded into the invitation's recipient list.

Tip: Learn more about customizing and scheduling/sending email invitations.

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