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Track my promotional activities

Updated: Jul 09, 2013

  • Create unique tracking link for each promoter or marketing outlet
  • Access visits, tickets sold and sales for each link
  • Use data to strategically apply your promotional muscle
  • See benefits of promotion Eventbrite does for you automatically

Tip: For more information about promoting your published event, click here!


To get started, go to your event's Manage page by clicking on My Events at the top of the page, and then clicking on the name of your event. Once on the Manage page, select Tracking Links on the features menu on the left side of the page.

Use Tracking Links


You can create a new tracking link by first entering the Name of your tracking link. As you type, you'll see that a unique tracking link is created in the box below. Copy this link to your clipboard, and distribute it to the relevant promoter or marketing outlet. Then click Create

How to create and manage affiliate tracking links


Note: If you've created a custom URL for your event, you'll see that two boxes appear when you are creating a tracking link. You may copy either link and distribute it to your promoter since both links will lead visitors to your event page.


You can check on the progress of the existing tracking links in your event by clicking on Track Links from the Manage page of your event. There, you can view a list of all the tracking links in your event and the number of visits, tickets sold, and total sales, that each has generated. You can view an Attendee Summary report by clicking on Attendee Report from the Quick Actions dropdown menu to the right of the name of the tracking link.

How to create and manage affiliate tracking links


To take a look at the progress of the Eventbrite-generated Tracking Links, you can simply scroll down in your event's Event Dashboard page until you see the Traffic from Promotional Tools box. There you'll see the list of tracking links that we've generated and how much money they've helped you make in gross ticket sales.

How to create and manage affiliate tracking links

You can always view the status of the tracking links that you've created by clicking Create your own tracking links.


Note: Here's a guide to the codes that may appear in your list of Eventbrite-generated links. If you see any of these codes listed for your event, you'll know the visits and revenue that Eventbrite drove to your event without any additional effort from you!

- atom: Eventbrite RSS feeds

- efblike: Facebook news feed from an attendee liking an event

- efbnen: Facebook news feed event name link

- efbnreg: Facebook news feed register link

- eorg: Eventbrite organizer page

- eorgf: featured event on your Eventbrite organizer page

- erec: Eventbrite recommended your event to attendees in their Eventbrite account

- esli: LinkedIn share link on your event page

- estw: Twitter share link on your event page

- etckt: ticket widget

- eweb: Eventbrite website integration

- incompleteregistration: automatic email sent when a registration isn't completed

- rss: Eventbrite RSS feeds

- auto: event search auto-suggest

- autohome: event search auto-suggest on our homepage

- connect: Facebook connect

- eivtefrnd: 'invite friend' link on your event page

- estwbreg: Twitter tweet button link

- zvents: Zvents events auto listing

- eotw: links from Twitter to your Eventbrite organizer page

- eoln: links from LinkedIn to your Eventbrite organizer page


Tip: To learn how you can use the Traffic from Promotional Tools summary to fine-tune your future marketing efforts, check out this post on our blog!

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