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Ticket type creation

Updated: Jul 01, 2014

  • At least one ticket type is required to publish an event
  • Settings and options for ticket types outlined here

To get started, first sign up for a free Eventbrite account or log in to your existing Eventbrite account and create an event.

If you’d like to edit an already-created event, access the menu at the top of the page that says your name and click My Events. Then click on Edit to the right of your event’s name.

How to create ticket types


To create or add a new ticket, look to Step 2: Create Tickets. If you haven’t created any ticket types, you’ll notice three buttons to choose from below the message What type of ticket would you like to start with?. Choose Free if your ticket type is free; Paid if your ticket type will have a price; Donation if you want to allow people to pay what they'd like.

How to create ticket types

If you’ve already created one or more ticket types and wish to create additional ticket types, select the type of ticket you want by clicking the designated button in the bottom right under the Ticket name. When a new row appears, you can enter the necessary information for your ticket.

How to create ticket types

Click into the text boxes and enter the following:

-Ticket name: The name of your ticket type will appear on your event page. It will also appear on the PDF tickets that are, by default, attached to the confirmation email that is sent to attendees after they register.

-Quantity available: This indicates the quantity available of just this ticket type. You can change this number at any time, even after publishing your event, by going to Step 2: Create Tickets on the Edit page and adjusting this number as needed.

-Price: This is the price of your ticket, not including any fees. Your ticket can also be free (no fees are charged for free tickets) or donation format.


Note: If you're having a registration-type event and want to change the terminology on your event page from "tickets" to "registrations", click here to learn how.


You can also edit a number of additional options by clicking on the gear icon under Actions.

How to create ticket types

You'll have the ability to enter information for the following:

- Ticket description: Enter more details about the ticket type here. What you enter will appear as smaller text below the name of your ticket type on the event page. You have the option to automatically display this text by checking the box next to Show ticket description on event page (if this option isn't selected, an attendee must click More info on your event page in order to view the description).

-Fees: Select whether you or the attendee will be paying the fees. By default, the fee is passed onto the attendee, but if you, the organizer, would like to pay the fees, make sure to select Absorb fees from the drop-down menu. (There are no fees charged for free tickets. If you're using Eventbrite Payment Processing, you'll also have the option to split the fees.)

-Ticket sales start/end: You can choose when your tickets go on and off sale by selecting a date and time under Ticket sales start and Ticket sales end. If you have more than one ticket type, you’ll also have the option to start your ticket sales when ticket sales end for another ticket type by clicking on the link or when ticket sales end.

- Tickets allowed per order: Limit the quantity of this ticket type that can be ordered in a single order by placing a Minimum and Maximum number that an attendee may choose from.


Great job! You’ve now created tickets that your attendees can register for. You can always click on Preview or View in the upper right to see how your event page looks to potential registrants.

How to create ticket types


Note: There is a maximum of 150 ticket types per event.

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