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How to create custom order confirmations

Updated: Apr 23, 2015

  • You can customize the order confirmation page and the email your attendees receive when they place an order. This is the perfect place to include information like parking details, directions to your venue, refund policy, door times, dress codes, and contact information. Just head over to your event's Manage page, then look under "Order Options" and select "Order Confirmation" to get started.

Note: To help promote your live public events in more places, we'll include links to your other upcoming events on your event's order confirmation page and confirmation email. Take a look here to learn more.


Go to your Manage page.

After you log in and create an event, find your event on the My Events page, then select Manage.

Manage is located under the name of your event on the My Events page.


Go to "Order Confirmation" (under Order Options).

Order Options is located in the top of the options menu.

Order Options is located near the top of the menu on the left-hand side of the page.


Note: If you have a repeating event, you can customize the order confirmation page and email for each individual event in your schedule. At the top of your Manage page, just choose a date from the Individual Event Selector to get started.


Optional: Change the default reply-to email address.

Click or tap in the text field under Default 'Reply-To' Email Address to change the email address where attendee replies are sent.

Default 'reply-to' email address: is located directly above Attachments.

Example: Rachel's manages her company's Eventbrite account, which uses the general email address She wants attendee replies sent to her individual email instead, so she updates the default reply-to email address.


Optional: Uncheck the "Attach PDF tickets in confirmation email" box to disable printed tickets.

You can print a check-in list, use your laptop, or use our Eventbrite or Eventbrite Neon mobile app for check-in. Just make sure to let your attendees know they won't need tickets by noting it in your order confirmation messages.

Attachments is located directly beneath the field labeled Default 'reply-to' email address.


Optional: Customize the message that appears on PDF tickets and/or confirmation emails.

Click or tap in the text field beneath Message To Be Displayed On Confirmation Email to customize the message that appears on PDF tickets and/or order confirmation emails.

Message to be displayed on confirmation email is located beneath the checkbox to attach PDF tickets.

Tip: You'll have more formatting options available (like access to HTML) if you disable PDF tickets.

Pro Tip: If you're charging in a currency other than U.S. dollars, you'll also see an option to enable tax receipts.


Note: If you disable PDF tickets, this custom message only shows up on the automated order confirmation email your attendees receive. If PDF tickets are enabled, your custom message will show up on the PDF attachment too.


Save to activate your custom confirmation email.

When attendees receive an order confirmation email for your event, the message you added will appear above the Order Summary.

Your custom message will appear above the Order Summary in the order confirmation email attendees receive.

Pro Tip: Make sure to customize your organizer profile page—attendees can get there straight from the order confirmation email and it's a great way for them to see all your live public events.


Optional: Customize the order confirmation page.

Click or tap in the text box under Message To Be Displayed On Confirmation Webpage to customize the page attendees see after completing an order. This section reads HTML, allowing you to add links and images to your order confirmation page.

The section to customize the order confirmation webpage is located at the bottom of the page, directly above the green Save button.

Tip: Clear all of the text in the Message field and enter your website URL (including the http://) to automatically redirect attendees to your own website once they've completed an order.

If you choose to do this, you may want to create a custom confirmation page on your website so that attendees know that their order was processed successfully.

Pro Tip: If you'd like the event ID and order ID to be passed to your redirect URL, you may include $event_id and $order_id in the URL (e.g.,$event_id&oid=$order_id). The values of $event_id and $order_id will be replaced with the numeric values of the event a user has registered for and a unique ID for the order which was just created, respectively.


Note: You can preview your custom confirmation page by selecting View your current order confirmation page.


Save to activate your custom confirmation page.

Notice the information we've added on the right-hand side of the page. On mobile devices, the custom message you created will appear beneath the Order Summary.

Your custom message will appear on the right-hand side of the order confirmation webpage.

Pro Tip: Register for a test event so you can see what the order confirmation page, confirmation email, and PDF ticket look like.

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