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Order confirmation customization

Updated: Mar 26, 2014

  • Provide answers to FAQ's like parking info, age restrictions and more
  • Disable PDF tickets for ticketless events
  • Send attendees to your website after completing an order

Tip: Use the Order Confirmation feature to add custom information to the order confirmation page and the order confirmation email that attendees receive after registering for your event. This could include special instructions or webinar log-in details. You can also turn off PDF tickets here--think green!--if your event doesn't require physical tickets.

We recommend including the following info in your order confirmations: your refund policy, age restrictions, lost ticket policy, parking information, door times, dress code, prohibited items, and/or your contact information.


To edit your order confirmations, go to your event's Manage page. You can get there by clicking on My Events at the top of the screen, and then clicking on the name of your event. On the Manage page, select Order Confirmation from the features menu on the left side of the page.

Edit order confirmations


Disable PDF tickets if your event does not require physical tickets:

Un-check the check box to the right of Attachments. Turning off unnecessary PDF tickets can reduce both attendee confusion and paper waste. You can always print out a check-in list, use a laptop for check-in, or download and use our app for iPhone or Android to check in attendees at the door to your event.

Make sure to advise your attendees in the order confirmation email and/or page that tickets are not included and so not required.

Here's an example of the default PDF ticket that is attached to--and linked to in--the order confirmation email:


Customize the order confirmation email:

If you haven't disabled PDF tickets (see step 2 above), any text that you enter will appear on the PDF tickets that your attendees will receive and print as well as in the Event Details section at the bottom of the order confirmation email.

If you have disabled PDF tickets (see step 2 above), any text that you enter will appear in the Event Details section at the bottom of the order confirmation email. With tickets disabled, you have more formatting options for your text, and you can also enter HTML into your order confirmation email. Make sure to click Save when you're done!

How to customize the order confirmation email & page


Note: You can also change the default reply-to email address that will appear in the order confirmation email.


Below is an example of a customized confirmation email that is sent to your attendees after they register. Notice the information we've added to the Event Details section at the bottom of the email.


Customize the order confirmation webpage:

Enter any information that you would like to appear in the Message section of the order confirmation page, which is the page where an attendee lands after successfully completing an order. This section reads HTML, allowing you to add links and images to your order confirmation page.

Below is an example of the order confirmation page that your attendees are taken to after successfully completing their order. We have customized the message on the page in this example image, as described above.


Note: Feel free to click here to register for a test event so you can see what the order confirmation page and email, and PDF ticket, look like.


Send attendees to your website after completing an order:

If you want the page to just automatically redirect to your own website once an attendee is finished registering, clear all of the text and just enter your website URL (including the http://).

Tip: If you'd like the event id and order id to be passed to your redirect URL, you may include $event_id and $order_id in the url (ex.$event_id&oid=$order_id). The values of $event_id and $order_id will be replaced with the numeric values of the event a user has registered for and a unique id for the order which was just created, respectively. For more information on integrating Eventbrite with your website check out our Developer site.

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