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Early-bird pricing

Updated: Jul 01, 2014

  • Reward early buyers with a discount
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Drive earlier sales for your peace of mind

Note: This tutorial will help you set up a ticket that has a special price for those of your attendees who register early for your event. To learn more about creating general ticket types, click here.

Click here to take a look at an example of an event with an "early bird" ticket type that you'll learn to create here!


After logging in and creating an event, click Edit next to the name of your event.

How to create early bird pricing


In Step 2: Create Tickets, first create your standard-price ticket--called "General Admission" in our example--if you haven't already.

Then, to create your "Early Bird" ticket type, click the green Paid ticket button in the bottom left.

Enter the Ticket name (called "Early Bird" in our example), Quantity available, and a Price--cheaper than your standard-price ticket--for your "Early Bird" ticket.


Now click the  gear icon under Actions to pull down the Ticket Settings for the Early Bird ticket type. Set the Ticket sales start and Ticket sales end dates/times for this ticket. Consider also including a Ticket description alerting people when the price will go up, so as to persuade them to buy earlier at the lower price.

Once you've finished, click Settings again to close the settings for your Early Bird ticket.


The last thing to do is to set the sale of General Admission tickets to automatically start right when the sale of Early Bird tickets has ended.

To do this, click the gear icon under Actions for the General Admission ticket type. Next to Ticket sales start, click or when ticket sales end. Select Early Bird from the When sales end for drop-down menu. 


To see how your event page will look, click Design in the upper left. See that the Ticket Information box shows both ticket types, and that only the Early Bird ticket is on sale right now.

Once sale of the Early Bird ticket type ends—at the date and time that you set in step 3 above—the sale of the General Admission ticket type will start, per the steps you followed in step 4 above. Well done!


Note: If you only want to have one ticket to appear at a time, you can manually hide your ticket types,, or auto-hide your other tickets when they are not on sale.

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