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Cancel or unpublish an event

Updated: Jun 17, 2013

  • Cancel your event after advising and refunding your attendees
  • Unpublish your event at any time

Tip: You don't have to cancel your event if you're just changing the event's date. Instead, you can simply change the date in Step 1: Add your Event Details on the Event Details page of your event. After you've changed the date, you'll want to let your guests know! Click here for instructions on how to email your attendees.


If your event is free, you can click Cancel--found on the upper right of the Manage page of your event--at any time. This will cancel your event and no one will be able to view the event page. Keep in mind that before you cancel your event, you'll want to let your guests know to avoid confusion.


You can easily email your attendees from within your Eventbrite account to let them ahead of time that you’ll be canceling your event. Click here for instructions on how to email your attendees.


If you've sold tickets to your event, you'll want to first issue refunds to all your attendees in order to cancel/unpublish your event page. For instructions for refunding your guests, click here.


Once you've refunded your attendees, you're ready to cancel and unpublish your event. Just click on the Cancel button that now appears in the upper right area of your event’s Manage page, and—presto!—your event page is now hidden from attendees and anyone looking to register.

You can always access your canceled event by clicking on the Canceled tab on the My Events page.


Note:  If you'd like to delete your event page after refunding all orders and canceling the event, click Delete in the upper right of your event's Manage page. However—take care!—deleting your event will delete it entirely from your Eventbrite account.

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