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iPhone for check-in with Entry Manager

Updated: Apr 03, 2014

  • Optimized check in tool for both phone and tablet use
  • Scan ticket barcodes or check in by name
  • Scans barcodes from Android and iPhone Eventbrite apps for attendees
  • Works with multiple devices and/or laptops

Tip: Does your team have iOS and Android devices? Your Android owners can download Entry Manager from Google Play. All check-ins and data will sync seamlessly across both platforms.


Getting started


Now that you've created an event and sold tickets, go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for and download Eventbrite Entry Manager, which has this logo:


(Or you can visit this page for a direct link and a better look at the app.)


When you're ready to check in your guests at the door of the event, log in to the app using your Eventbrite username and password. If you only have one event created within your account, the app should direct to this event for beginning the check in process. But, if there are multiple Live events within your account, choose from the list of your live events to start checking in your guests or view real-time stats.


Note: Multi-user (subuser) access to Entry Manager is set in the admin account by clicking the blue button on the top right of the page when logged in. Select Account and then click Multi-User Access. Click Edit next to a subuser's email address and in the Actions this user can perform section, check the box next to Check in attendees and Save.


View real-time ticket sales and check-in stats


Event Dashboard screen shows real-time sales stats for your event. Tickets Sold displays the number of tickets sold out of the total number of tickets available. Attendance displays the total number of attendees out of the tickets sold that have been checked in across all devices in use. For repeating events, these numbers represent the tickets sold and attendance for the selected event date.

Check in attendees by name


To start checking in your attendees, tap Check In to view your attendee list. Scroll to find the attendee you're looking for, or use the search bar at the top to look them up. To check in an attendee, simply tap their name, then tap the green Check In button. To undo a check-in, tap the name of a checked-in attendee, then tap the Undo button.

The number at the bottom of the screen reflects the check-in count on that particular device. If all check-in devices are connected to the Internet, you can also get the total directly from our servers on the Event Dashboard screen.

Check In - iPad View



Check In - iPhone View


​Dashboard - iPhone View



If your event page has offline payments enabled and an attendee chose to pay offline, you'll notice a message that lets you know that a payment is due.


Note: Events with 10,000 or more attendees registered will not display your attendee list to scroll through for check in. To optimize the mobile flow for check in, the app will default to the search option for events of this size.


Check in attendees using the barcode scanner


Tap Scan icon next to the search field to launch the barcode scanner. The barcode scanner uses the device's camera to detect the barcode. Simply center the barcode inside the viewfinder and wait for the feedback: valid (let them in!), duplicate (ticket has already been used) or invalid (unrecognized ticket!).

Check In (Scan) - iPad View



Check In Notifications



As a reminder, the number at the bottom of the screen reflects the check-in count on that device only.


Options and other notes


If you have multiple ticket types for your event and would like to limit entry to certain ticket types, tap Settings button in the upper-right of the navigation bar . Select the ticket type(s) that you want to be active on that device.

Attendees having other ticket types will be hidden from the attendee list, and their barcodes will scan as Limited Entry. This feature would be useful if, for example, you had a separate entrance for your VIP ticket holders.

If payment is due on a ticket that you scan or tap to check in, you will be prompted to verify that the attendee has paid.


Note: Should you lose your connection to the Internet during check-in, you will receive a warning from the app, but you can continue to check in attendees offline. All your check-ins will automatically sync once your Internet connection is restored.


Feature and device compatibility


Apple iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or higher, including:

iPhone 3Gs
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPod touch
iPad/iPad mini



Note: Scanning barcodes can severely reduce your device's battery life. Scanning time can be extended with the use of a third-party external battery pack.

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