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How to contact the event organizer

Updated: Jul 16, 2015

  • If you have event-specific questions or want to request a refund, contact the event organizer directly. You can do this by replying to your confirmation email, from your order details, or from the event page.


Reply to the order confirmation email

Find your Order Confirmation email and reply to it (the To: field automatically fills with the organizer's email).

You can also find the organizer's email address on the order confirmation email itself.

The contact information is located just above your order summary.

Tip: When messaging an organizer, we recommend including your phone number in your email in case they prefer to call you.


Manage your order details

From My Tickets you can find your order under Current Orders; click Manage Order.

If you want a refund, just click Request a Refund button from the order details page.

The Request a Refund button is to the left of Contact the Organizer from your order details page.

To contact the organizer, click Contact the Host. In the box that appears, just fill out your name, email, and a message for the organizer and click Send message.

Fill out the message box with your name, email, and message.


Go to the event page

Tip: If can't log in or think there might be a typo in the email you used when registering, you can always contact the event organizer from the original event page.

There are buttons to Contact the Organizer in several places on the event page.

There are links to contact the event organizer in the header, footer, event details, and right-hand sidebar for the event.

Clicking any of these launches the same message box as explained in option 2 above.

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