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How to reuse a customized URL

Updated: Jun 09, 2014

  • You can reuse a custom URL you've used for past events to make marketing and sign up even easier for your attendees.

To get started, either create a new event or copy a past event. Update the relevant details in the new draft event, then click Save or Make Event Live (you can also do this updating later).


Locate your old event with the customized URL you want to use for your new event by clicking My Events, then selecting the Completed tab.

Your old event is located under the third tab, labeled Completed, in My Events.

When you find your old event, click the Manage link in the Quick Links column.


You'll see your customized web address in the top right corner of your Event Dashboard.

Your custom URL is located to the right of the Event Dashboard title.


Click into the box to copy the custom URL, then delete the text and click Save. That custom URL is now free for you to use for your new event.

Your custom URL is located to the right of the Event Dashboard title.


Return to your new event (either under Drafts or Live Events under My Events). Click Manage under Quick Links to go to this event's dashboard.

Your Live Events will be in the first tab of My Events.


Simply click into the custom URL box (to the right of the words Event Dashboard) as you did in step 4 above and paste your custom URL from your old event into the field. Click Save and you're done!

The custom URL you used for your old event will now redirect people to your new event page.

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