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Conditional logic for custom questions

Updated: Jan 15, 2013

  • Ask specific questions based on answers to earlier questions
  • Get more specific information from your attendees
  • Great for seminars, classes, breakout sessions . . . and more!


Create your custom questions and sub-questions


To get started, first sign up for a free Eventbrite account or log in to your existing Eventbrite account and create an event.

If you’d like to edit an already-created event, click My Events at the top of the screen and go to your event's Manage page by clicking on the name of your event.


On your event's Manage page, click Customize Order Form, found on the left side of the page.


Next, choose to Collect information below for the ticket buyer only or Collect information below for each attendee in the box titled What type of information do you want to collect?

Then click Create a question.


Enter your question, choose the question type (you can use conditional logic with checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdowns), and input the answer options available for your attendees (along with any associated choice limits, if applicable, in the Quantity field).

To create a sub-question, select Surface a secondary question based on answers to this question.


Choose which answer option will trigger this sub-question, then enter the sub-question. Select the question type, and set the options available (along with any associated choice limits, if applicable, by clicking Add choice limit).

(In our example, an attendee will be asked "At which time would you like to attend?" if they select "Hip hop" as the answer to the original custom question "Which style of dance are you interested in?")

If you'd like to create a second sub-question to your custom question, click Add another rule. Otherwise, click Save to save your changes.


Note: At this time, you can only create a sub-question for a custom question, not for another sub-question. However, you can create as many sub-questions for a custom question as you'd like!


Back on the main Customize order form page, you'll see your custom questions, along with any sub-questions (and their answers) that you've created. Here's where you can choose to make a custom question or sub-question required, or delete a custom question or sub-question.

To add another custom question, simply click Add another question.




What attendees see at checkout


Once an attendee has initiated their order, they'll see any custom questions you've created in the Other Information section--either for each ticket in the order (if you chose to collect info from each attendee--see step 2 above) or for the entire order (if you chose to collect info from the ticket buyer only--see step 2 above).

The attendee can complete their order after answering all questions you've made required (if any).


View/export attendees' answers to your questions


Check out your event's Attendee Summary report to see all your attendees' answers, as well as to export them to Excel.

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