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Social Stream FAQ

Updated: 15/10/14

  • Connect with Instagram and Twitter to bring the excitement of your event online with live photos and posts
  • Enter custom hashtags to pull content onto your event page #prettycool
  • Let your attendees know which hashtags to use when posting about your event

What is Social Stream?

Social Stream is a new feature within your event page that shows Instagram and Twitter posts about your event, showcasing the collective excitement and social conversation surrounding your event. Simply connect your event with Instagram and/or Twitter, create custom tags for pulling specific social content, and truly bring your event to life!


How do I manage my Social Stream for an event?

Social Stream is event-specific and can be set up on the Manage page for each event you create. To get started, log in to your Eventbrite account to create a new event, or if you already have an event created, click the name of your event to reach the Manage page. In the left sidebar features menu, click Social Stream under Invite and Promote . Here you’ll see where you can Connect your accounts, Add Tags, and Filter by date and/or Location to specify which photos and tweets to pull into your event experience.


Why do I need to connect my accounts?

You need to connect your event to your Twitter and/or Instagram accounts so that Eventbrite can access and pull in posts from all of Twitter and Instagram. We will only pull in posts using the hashtags you set up for your event. Don’t worry, we will never post anything to your Twitter or Instagram accounts on your behalf. You can choose to only connect to Twitter, or only to Instagram, but connecting to both will allow you to pull in a higher volume of more varied content.


How do I add a hashtag for my event?

Add hashtags that are related to your event, and which people may be using to post on social media. You can add up to five hashtags per event. As you add each hashtag, you will be asked if you want to do a one-time pull to get your Social Stream started!

We default the date to pull content to be the 10 days around your event, but you can narrow or expand that date range under Filters. You can also use the location radio button to narrow your posts to be near a specific location such as your event venue.


Can I set up Social Stream for Completed and Past events?

At this time, Completed and Past events do not have the option to include Social Stream content once the events have ended. However, if you add Social Stream content to an event prior to the event ending, your content will continue to display on the event page after the event has ended.


How do I access my Social Stream page?

You can access your Social Stream page for your event by clicking View more from this event on your event page or from the View Social Stream button on Manage > Social Stream

You can also access your Social Stream page directly by adding ‘experience’ to the end of your event URL.


How do I remove certain content from my Social Stream?

As an organizer, you can curate content from your event’s Social Stream by clicking Delete in the top right corner of images when viewing the Social Stream page. You can access your Social Stream page from Manage by clicking the View Social Stream button, or from the event page by clicking View more from this Event button.

Another option is to switch the connected account setting to Off which will hide the content pulled from either Instagram or Twitter from your Social Stream.


How will Social Stream appear on my event page?

Social Stream content appears on the right side of your event page under your Organizer section. Also, attendees can expand your event’s Social Stream via the View more from this Event button. This will open a new page filled with your Social Stream content.


Note: Your Social Stream page will be updated every ten minutes with the new content that is added. 


What happens if I disconnect my Instagram and/or Twitter account within Social Stream?

If you choose to Disconnect from either Instagram or Twitter within the Social Stream section of your Manage page, social content from that site will be removed from all of your events. If you wish to simply stop pulling content from either Instagram and/or Twitter for a specific event, use the on / off sliders.

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