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How to customize transfer settings by ticket type

Updated: 06/03/14

  • After setting up your general transfer settings, you can set customize transfer permissions and fees attendees based on ticket type.

From the Manage section of your event, scroll to the bottom of the Registration Transfers page to find Transfer Settings.


Select the Ticket Type(s) you want to customize and an edit box will become active at the bottom of the box. If you want to set up the same permissions and fee overrides for several ticket types, just select the checkboxes next to the ones you want to bulk edit.


Permissions is how you determine exceptions to the general transfer policy you set at the top of the page for each ticket type. Allow means that attendees can change ticket types and Don’t Allow means they cannot.


If you select Allow, you will see a link called Advanced. This setting lets you determine if an attendee can only transfer to or from a particular ticket type. By default, transfers can go either way.


Tip: “Allowed to” means attendees can transfer to this ticket type, but not from. “Allowed from” means the opposite—attendees can transfer from this ticket type but not to.


Example: You want to allow Zombie Spectators to transfer to Zombie Runner tickets, but not the other way around. Under Zombie Spectator, select Allow as the permission and deselect Allow To under Advanced. This prevents anyone from transferring their ticket type to the Zombie Spectator option.


The Fee Override is the total amount attendees will pay based on each ticket type transfer (not in addition to the event transfer or registration transfer amounts set at the top of your Registration Transfers page).


Example: You set your Zombie Run event transfer fee at $15 at the top of the page, but you want Zombie Spectators to be able to transfer for free. In Transfer Settings, simply enter $0 in the fee field for this ticket type.


Make sure to click Apply before proceeding to edit another ticket type. You’ll see the permissions status and fee override update (if you changed them).


Note: You won’t see the ability for donors to transfer anything. They will need to complete the registration process as a new attendee.


When you’re done customizing your Transfer Settings, be sure to click Save.

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