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Repeating events

Updated: 20/08/13

  • One registration page for an event happening on multiple dates/times
  • All dates/times must be at the same location
  • Attendees can choose date/time they want to attend

To get started, first sign up for a free Eventbrite account or log in to your existing Eventbrite account and create an event.
If you’d like to edit an already-created event, click My Events at the top of the screen and then click on Edit to the right of your event’s name.

How to create a repeating event


In Step 1: Add your Event Details, set the start and end date/time of the first instance of your event in the Date & Time fields.

How to create a repeating event

Then select the option This event repeats. Locate the Event Repeats dropdown menu below and select the frequency with which your event will be held. Your options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Other. (If you select Other, you’ll be able to select your own repeating-event pattern.)

How to create a repeating event


Tip: There is a limit of 200 dates/times per repeating event.


When people come to your event page, they will be able to select from a dropdown menu showing all available dates and times, and then register.

How to create a repeating event


Note:  If you’d like to include multiple public events on a single page, another option is to create multiple event pages—all with the same Organizer / Host (which you set in Step 1: Add your Event Details)—and then direct people to your customizable organizer profile page listing all of the public events for that organizer / host.

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