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Collect information from attendees

Updated: 14/04/14

  • Collect address, work information, age, and more
  • Create your own custom questions
  • Questions can be optional or required
  • Attendees answer questions when registering

Note: Your survey will appear after your attendees click to register/buy one or more tickets on your event page. To create a post-event survey, we recommend using SurveyMonkey to create a survey and then including a link to that survey in an attendee email sent from within Eventbrite after your event has ended.


To get started, first sign up for a free Eventbrite account or log in to your existing Eventbrite account and create an event.

If you’re working on an already-created event, click My Events at the top of the screen and then click on the name of your event to get to the Manage page for that event.

How to create ticket types


On the Manage page, select Customize Order Form from the features menu on the left side of the page under the Registration subheading.


Select 1 of 3 information-collection settings:

1. Collect just the name & email of the person buying the ticket(s) or registering for the event (basic information).

2. Collect information from just the ticket buyer (one survey per order).

3. Collect information from each attendee (one survey per ticket).


Note: If you select option 1 or 2, the same name will appear on all tickets in a multiple-ticket order.


Choose from the default list of questions to ask by checking the Included box. You can choose to make a question required by checking the Required box.


You can create your own custom survey questions by selecting Create a Question under Your Questions (optional). Learn more about this here.


There are a number of Optional Settings at the bottom that include:

- Title of, and instructions concerning, the page where you will be collecting information from your attendees;

- The time limit to complete an order before the tickets in that order revert from a "pending" state and again become available to other attendees (the default is 8 minutes);

- The message displayed on your event page after sales have ended;

- The option to allow attendees to update the information in their order after they have registered by logging in to their Eventbrite account;

- Allowing attendees to request a refund.


Click Save Changes to activate the questions/changes you've made for the attendee registration process, as outlined above.


Note: To learn how to view the information you collect from your attendees by running/exporting an Attendee Summary report to Excel, click here.

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