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Refund an order

Updated: Oct 18, 2013

  • No fees charged on fully refunded orders
  • Fees for partially refunded orders calculated based on new total
  • Email notification sent to refunded attendees

Note: All Eventbrite fees are refunded for orders for which you issue a complete—i.e., 100%—refund (though if you're using PayPal for payment processing, the PayPal processing fee may still apply).

Refunds can take up to 5-7 business days after you issue the refund to appear in your attendee's bank account, depending on their bank.

If you're using our standard credit card processing and have already received your payout for the event, you'll need to process any refunds for that event offline--by sending the attendee a check, for instance.


Here's a quick tutorial video (or find written instructions below):


How to issue a refund for an attendee or order in your account:


From the My Events page, click on the title of your event to go to the Manage page for that event. On the Manage page, select Event Reports from the features menu on the left side of the page.


Set the Report Type dropdown menu to Orders. Find the order you would like to refund in the Search for Orders field by order number, name or email address.


Select Refund this Order from the top Quick Actions menu located on the right side of the gray order box.


Note: If you are using PayPal for payment processing, you'll be redirected to that site to complete the refund (and you can skip to step 5 below). For more information on processing refunds through PayPal, click here. Any refunds that you initiate in your PayPal account will automatically update the corresponding order in your Eventbrite account!


To issue a complete refund on an order:

Find the attendee you would like to refund and select the Refund Quantity from the dropdown menu. The refund amount should automatically fill with the Total Refund amount. Select Continue to go to the next screen, where you can review the refund before it is processed.

On the next screen, you can leave a message in the Note to Buyer text field. This message will appear in the email that the attendee receives when the order is refunded.

If you need to make any changes, click the Cancel button and restart the process. If you are set to refund, go ahead and click the Issue Refund button!


To issue a partial refund on an order:

Select a Refund Quantity of 0. In the Refund Amount field, enter the amount you would like to partially refund. The Total Refund amount will adjust to the amount entered above.

Click Continue to issue the partial refund.

Like a full refund, you can review the refund before it is processed. To finalize the refund click Issue Refund!


Note: For orders completed using our At the Door iPad app, please allow 24 hours after your order is processed to be able to issue a refund.


Once you have completed the refund, the Orders report and Attendee Summary for your event will be automatically updated. Your refunded attendees/orders will be viewable in the Refunded/Canceled orders list on the Orders report.

A full refund will appear as follows:

A partial refund will appear as follows:


Note: Don't see the option to refund an order in the top Quick Actions dropdown menu?

If the order was placed more than six months ago, you'll need to send your attendee an offline refund (e.g., a check), as our payment gateway does not store credit card info for more than six months.


Note: By default, the attendee will be able to click on a Request Refund link when they log in to their Eventbrite account to manage their order for your event. You will receive an email requesting the refund. You can disable this feature by clicking on Customize Order Form found on the left side of your event's Manage page.

Scroll down to the Optional Settings section and uncheck the box next to Return Policy and click Save Changes.

You've done it!  Your attendees will not see the Request Refund link when they log in to their account. We do recommend placing a refund policy on your event page so that your attendees are aware of your policy.


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