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How to increase ticket sales with an affiliate program

Updated: 31/03/15

  • Turn your attendees into promoters by creating an affiliate program in the Manage section of your event. With an affiliate program, you can set a referral fee promoters earn for each ticket sold to your event that’s driven by their specific affiliate link. When you’re ready to promote your affiliate program, post the affiliate program link on your event page or invite specific contacts to join your program.

Note: The event organizer and affiliate program owner (not Eventbrite) is responsible for paying affiliates. Payment can be handled via PayPal, but is conducted entirely outside of Eventbrite.


Tip: With an affiliate program, promoters will be able to see the progress and earnings associated with their specific affiliate to promote your event. To control the visibility of this information, consider creating a specific traffic link for each promoter instead using Tracking Links.

Create an affiliate program for your event


Go to your Event Dashboard.

After logging in, click or tap on your event from the My Events page. Then select Manage to go to your Event Dashboard.


Click Affiliate Programs under Invite & Promote from the left-hand menu.


Name and create an affiliate program for your event.

Enter the Code of your affiliate program, the Referral fee you'll pay to an affiliate for each attendee they refer to your event, and any Additional notes you would like potential affiliates to see in the program details. When you’re done, click Save.


Promote your affiliate program.

Follow the steps below to get affiliates promoting your event.

Promote your affiliate program


Post the affiliate program sign up link on your event page and website.

Copy and paste the specific sign-up link and details for your affiliate program directly on your event page, website, and even the order confirmation email sent to attendees after completing registration.


Send invitations to contacts to invite them to promote your event.

Select Invite Affiliates from the Quick Actions drop-down menu next to the name of your affiliate program.


Create an email invite for affiliates.

Write a custom invitation email to send to up to 20 contacts (you can repeat this process to invite more people).


Contacts receive the invite and sign up.

When your contacts receive the affiliate program invitation email, they can click on the link to sign up. They'll be prompted to log in to their Eventbrite account (if they already have an account) or to sign up for an Eventbrite account (if they haven't yet created one).


Contacts go to the Event Affiliate Program screen.

Each affiliate has a unique referral link to share. They'll receive credit for any ticket sales that come through their unique referral link, and they can track the performance of their link in the stats shown on this Event Affiliate Program screen.

Pro Tip: The affiliate can also add their PayPal email address—where you should direct payout outside of Eventbrite—by clicking on the Payment Accounts link in the Account tab.

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