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Time limit for registration

Updated: 14/04/14

  • Default time limit is 8 minutes
  • Make sure to give your attendees plenty of time to register

Tip: If you've created a lot of custom questions for your attendees to answer at registration, it's a good idea to extend the registration time limit beyond the default 8 minutes. See below to learn how to do that. 


To get started, from your event's Manage page, select Order Form from the features menu on the left side of the page. (To get to the Manage page, click on My Events at the top of the screen, then click on the name of your event.)


On the Order Form screen, scroll down to the Optional Settings section. You can edit the Registration time limit as you'd like.


When attendees register for your event, they will see a time limit countdown clock on the registration page. When that time limit expires, the tickets put on hold when they initiated the order will be released back to the pool of available tickets. The attendee would need to start the order process from the beginning again if they'd like to complete their order.

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