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How to create (or import) contact lists

Updated: 31/03/15

  • You can create Eventbrite contact lists to make sending event invitations across all of your events fast and easy. Just head over to My Contacts to import a .csv or .txt file, import Gmail contacts, use attendee lists from past events, or add emails manually.

Go to My Contacts.

After logging into Eventbrite, click on My Contacts in the top navigation.

Manage Attendees is part of the Manage section of your event.


Click Create a Contact List.

Name your contact list and select how you want to add contacts.

Manage Attendees is part of the Manage section of your event.

Tip: Want to add more contacts to an existing list? Just click the list name and then the link Add More. You’ll have the same options as when you create a new list (see below).

You have several options for how you can create a contact list, including:

- Import from a file (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, or .txt)

- Import from a Gmail account

- Create a list of attendees of your past events

- Add emails addresses manually



Import from a File

If you’ve exported your contacts’ names and emails from a source like Outlook or have a spreadsheet, you can easily import them into Eventbrite.

In your Excel or Numbers file, you must include the header column labels email, firstname (no spaces), and lastname (no spaces), but the order doesn’t matter and any extra columns will be ignored.

Pro Tip: Even if you only have emails to upload, you still need to include the firstname and lastname column headers.

Include email, firstname, lastname column headers for a comma-separated file.

When you’re done in your spreadsheet program, save the file normally as .xls or .xlsx with Excel or as a .csv file (MS-DOS comma separated).

If you don’t want to use a spreadsheet program, you can also create a text (.txt) file. With this approach, you must add a tab after each column header and row entry (just press the Tab key on your keyboard after each column header and each row entry, even after the last column header and row entry).

​Make sure to save this file as .txt (not .doc) in order to import it.

Text files need to have tabs between entries.


Import from Gmail

Just enter your email and password to import contacts from Gmail (we don’t store this info—we just use it to get your contacts information).

You will have the option to include all of your contacts or pick specific contacts from your address book to include in your Eventbrite contact list.

Enter the part of your Gmail address before the at symbol and your password. This information isn't stored by Eventbrte.


Create a List from Your Past Events

This option is great to leverage attendees from past events for upcoming events they might love. Just select an event (or multiple events) and all of those attendees will be added to your contact list.

Text files need to have tabs between entries.


Add Emails Manually

This is the simplest option—just enter emails separated by commas or line breaks.

Text files need to have tabs between entries.


Save and finish.

Now that you have a contact list that you can access from My Contacts any time, learn how to manage your contact lists like a pro and send email invitations using contact lists.

Text files need to have tabs between entries.

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