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How to add video to an event page

Updated: 04/08/14

  • You can add a video to your event page to help show attendees what to expect at your event. Upload your video to YouTube or another video-sharing site, then go to your event's Edit page. Just access the "Event description" field under Step 1: Event Details and select the filmstrip icon to embed the video to your event page.

Upload your video to a video-hosting site like Youtube.

You can also choose a video already uploaded to that site.

Upload is located in the upper right, next to your email address.

Tip: While you can add your own video directly to the event page, we highly recommend uploading the video to another site like YouTube first, as most video files are too large to upload to Eventbrite.


Note: Any videos you use must be yours or adhere to Creative Common copyright licenses. Shutterstock and Videezy are some great sites to find stock videos for unlimited use.


Copy the old embed code for the video you'd like to insert.

From the video's YouTube page, select the Share tab, then select Embed and check Use old embed code. Copy the HTML (which should start with < object).

The old embed code is often accessed via a button called Embed.


Note: The Event description won't support iframes, which is why you need to use YouTube's old embed code.


Go to your Edit page.

After logging in and creating an event, click or tap on your event from the My Events page, then select Edit.

Edit is under the Quick Links header on the My Events page.


Locate your "Event description" under Step 1: Event Details and select the filmstrip icon.

The filmstrip icon is located in the Event description toolbar. The video will be inserted wherever your cursor is placed.

The multi-media icon is farthest to the right on the toolbar in the Event description.


Use the "Source" tab.

Choose the Source tab at the top of the Insert/Edit Embedded Media window.

The Source tab is located at the top of the Insert/Edit Embedded Media window.


Note: Don't upload iframes to Eventbrite because they won't display on the event page.


Paste the old embed code and choose "Insert."

Once you've pasted the old embed code into the Source field, select Insert.

Insert is located in the bottom left corner of the Insert/Edit Embedded Media window.


You'll see your video inserted in the "Event description."

A video box won't be viewable in the event editor, but can be previewed on your event page by choosing Design.

Your video will be inserted in the Event description box wherever your cursor is placed.

Tip: You can center or align the video by using the text-alignment buttons in the Event description toolbar after highlighting the video.


Check out your event page.

You'll see the video in the Event Details section on your event page.

Pro Tip: Create a custom header and/or footer to liven up your event page and mimic your own website!

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