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How to customize your event URL (web address)

Updated: Dec 04, 2013

  • By default, your event URL will include the name of your event and your event ID attached to Eventbrite's URL—this helps your event show higher in search results. You can also create a custom (or "vanity") URL for use in marketing efforts.

Custom URLs can be created once you've created and saved or published your event, so first make sure you’re logged in and have created an event.

Tip: Organized this event before? Find out how to reuse the customized URL/web address.


Click My Events at the top of the screen. Then click on Manage to go to your Event Dashboard.

Customize your event URL from the Event Dashboard in Manage.


To the right of the title Event Dashboard you’ll see your Page URL. Just click into the link box to edit.

We recommend something short, easy to remember, and directly related to your event or organization to help your branding and marketing efforts.

When you’re done, click Save. You can always edit again if you make a mistake or change your mind.

Click to customize your event's URL.


If the URL you picked is already in use, go ahead and choose another (this is a good opportunity to get more specific).

You will receive a red error message if the name you select is already in use.

For example, instead of “” try "”

Tip: You can use dashes ( to improve readability if the URL gets long. Capitalizing each word ( won't be preserved on your Event Dashboard, but using that more readable format on promotional materials, like posters, will send your attendees to the right page.


Use your snappy new URL to easily promote your event on posters, social media, and invites!​ (Check out more great resources for promoting your event.)

Tip: If you change your event name, your default URL will automatically update but your custom URL won't.

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