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Twitter promotion

Updated: 10/07/14

  • Create brand awareness and social-media buzz around your event
  • Give your followers opportunity to discuss your event

If you don’t have a Twitter account, follow this link to sign up now!

We recommend creating a Twitter handle that includes your event’s or organization's name to help build up your event's brand.


By default, each public event page will have multiple Twitter share buttons.

A Twitter share button will also appear on the order confirmation page and order confirmation email.


Note: If your event is private, you can display the Twitter share buttons by going to the Event Details page and selecting the option to Allow sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in Step 3: Privacy Settings. (To get to the Event Details page, click on My Events at the top of the screen, and then click on Edit, under Quick Links, to the right of the name of your event.)


When an attendee clicks on this link, a preloaded tweet will appear with a link to your event. The attendee can then customize this message and post it to their Twitter feed!


Next, you’ll want to add a link to your Twitter profile in the event details on your event page to encourage people to follow your Twitter account. This way, you can post event updates as well as any relevant news. Some organizers will even run special promotions through their Twitter account for free tickets, giveaways, and other interactive goodies.

We also recommend that you include your Twitter feed on your organizer profile page.


You can create custom registration questions to collect Twitter handles from your attendees so you can start following them. You can also display the attendee list on your event page so attendees can find one another on Twitter!


Create a hashtag for your event and use it often! Effective, memorable hashtags are one of the best ways to promote your event. Attendees can use this hashtag to reference your event in their tweets. An effective hashtag will gain popularity, and attendees will want to be involved in the discussion!


Promote your Twitter handle and/or hashtag by including it in all your email invitations and all your email communications to your attendees as a way to find out the latest updates about your event!


Make sure to engage your Twitter followers! You can do this by asking questions, introducing speakers, or offering special deals.


Tweet about the key moments in your event life cycle: early-bird specials, discount code offerings, 24-hour notice before registration closes, 10 tickets left, etc.


After the event, continue to use Twitter not only to engage your current followers, but also to attract more followers interested in coming to your next event!

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