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See who's going to an event

Updated: 22/04/15

  • Connect with Facebook to see friends that are going
  • Manage your privacy settings
  • Share event on Facebook to encourage others to attend 


Connect to Facebook on the event page


While on an event page, you can connect to Facebook to see which of your Facebook friends are going to the event. To do this, click on the Connect to Facebook button within the Who's Going box.


Facebook will then prompt you to log in with your Facebook user email and password. 


Once you've connected, the page will update and include any of your Facebook friends who have registered for the event. 


After you've registered for the event, your own Facebook profile will display to any of your Facebook friends who visit the event page. (This won't share anything on Facebook. To learn how to share the event on Facebook, see that section below.)

Manage your privacy settings


You can control your social settings by clicking the Settings link in the upper right of the Who's Going box.


Social Settings will let you decide whether or not you'd like your profile to appear when your Facebook friends visit an event page for an event you're attending. Make your selection, then click Save.


Share an event on Facebook with your friends


To share an event to Facebook, click the Facebook Share button within the Who's Going box.


In the pop-up window that appears, click Share to post the event on your Facebook newsfeed. 




Will my Facebook profile be visible to everyone who views the event? 
No. Your profile will only show up for your Facebook friends who are also viewing the event page.

If you have your Social Settings set to Private, as detailed in the Manage your privacy settings section above, then no one, including your friends, will see your Facebook profile.


Can I control which events I connect to?
At this time, changing your social settings is a global change. Therefore, if you choose the Private setting, as detailed in the Manage your privacy settings section above, your Facebook profile won't display for any events you're attending. 

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